LIFT’s Coaching Model and AI Bridge Generations

Written by LIFT-NY Coach Alum Xiao Ou Xing

My most cherished memory at LIFT is an extended 90-minute coaching session I had with one of my members, significantly surpassing the typical session duration of 45 minutes. This session went above and beyond because the member needed help with a number of tasks to succeed in the next steps in her career, and we decided together that a longer session would be an appropriate idea.

We started the coaching session with a powerful question. I asked the member to visualize and articulate her ideal job. This was a significant step for the member, having never allowed herself the liberty to freely contemplate her ideal professional path. After identifying a goal, the member and I collaboratively refined her resume. This entailed enhancing the language and revising the structure of the resume to make it more compelling. Given that the member was in her 50s, the task of crafting a competitive resume was a daunting challenge. However, achieving a resume that she felt confident and proud of significantly boosted her confidence. Then, we discussed a few job fairs that the organization had shared with our members, which she said she would further explore on her own.

The most fun part of the session was that I introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) I tool to her to help her compose emails to potential employers, generate recipes, plan travels, etc. I shared with her that our world is slowly shifting towards one where AI waltzes alongside humanity, and it would be beneficial for her to have some working knowledge of AI tools. A few days later, she sent me an email thanking me for my time and help. She also said she’s been using this AI tool to create recipes so she could save time brainstorming meal plans for her son. Her email brought a smile, a sunbeam in my heart!

This experience stands out as my favourite memory because it underscored the profound and multifaceted nature of the coaching role. It transcended beyond mere monthly sessions to a conduit for sharing life experiences, imparting knowledge, and fostering inspiration. As a millennial, I learned from this member about dedication and resilience, drawn from her three decades of commitment to her field and her struggle to balance her responsibilities as a mother and the primary provider. In exchange, I offered her insights into the rapidly changing world, emphasizing the growing significance of technology and artificial intelligence. I will carry this member and the interactions I’ve had with her for years to come. Thanks to LIFT and the countless memories I had during coaching sessions; they have shaped my “becoming.”