Founded by a desire to level the playing field for families from all walks of life, The Lavine Family Innovation Fund is dedicated to designing and scaling solutions that empower families to achieve economic and social mobility.


The goal of The Lavine Family Innovation Fund is to accelerate LIFT’s efforts to drive economic and social mobility for families, and most importantly children, by supporting innovative direct service pilots and demonstrations; evaluation, research, and learning from on-the-ground work; and dissemination of findings and solutions to achieve sector-level systems change.


The formation of this fund serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement of LIFT’s direct services and as a force-multiplier to broadcast these best practices to the human services sector.

The Lavine Fund will seed on the ground innovation in several key areas: direct investments (emergency funds, labeled cash transfers, asset matches); social capital formation (peer groups, bridged adult mentor program); brokered partnerships (workforce, post-secondary); early intervention (partnerships with ECE, home visitation, pediatric primary care).

The Lavine Fund will enable LIFT to invest in technology to better track member progress, as well as best-in-class research and evaluation to build a robust evidence base of program impact.

In addition to direct impact, the Lavine Fund will enable LIFT to significantly extend its reach through a systems change strategy that translates LIFT’s insights into products and practices for field-level dissemination.

The Lavine Family Innovation Fund was made possible thanks to the generosity of a $4 million gift from Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine–who over the last decade have invested not only in LIFT's mission but, most importantly, in the hardworking parents LIFT serves.

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Jonathan Lavine is Chair of Bain Capital. He also founded Bain Capital Credit. and Bain Capital Special Situations. Follow Jonathan Lavine on LinkedIn and YouTube to learn more.