LIFT-Chicago Parents Help Host Summer Field Day

Rolonda Washington, Program Coordinator with LIFT-Chicago Members Thomas and Lovia

LIFT’S program is rooted in the power of relationships, offering social gatherings, clubs and events so that families can befriend each other and expand their network. So, when LIFT-Chicago planned the first in-person family field day event since before the pandemic, we were thrilled that LIFT-Chicago members Lovia and Thomas offered their services to help host the event!  

Lovia and her partner Thomas launched Our Events and Party Rentals in March of 2022 and have already seen so much success. Lovia supplied tables, chairs, a cotton candy machine, a generator and concert speakers for the event! The sugar rush supplied by the cotton candy machine was an especially big hit with the kids. Lovia and Thomas’ business has taken off in the short time since they’ve started. Not only do they have everything mentioned above, but they also have a bouncy house and are working on getting an Icee machine. 

At LIFT there is nothing better than seeing our members achieve their goals. Watching the hard work of parents create greater financial stability, career opportunities and success for their families is why we do what we do. Having the opportunity to share in that sweet, sweet success is the icing (or cotton candy 😊) on the cake. 

Lovia has been part of LIFT-Chicago since November 2020 and has accomplished so many goals during her time in the program. One of Lovia’s main goals is to build her savings, with the long-term goal of buying a home for her and her family. In addition to running her business, Lovia also works the night shift at Amazon and is considering going back to school for nursing. Lovia has three kids and her youngest son recently turned one year old!  

Thomas mentioned that LIFT, and the support provided by his coach, played a role in inspiring the business. He felt equipped to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavor and LIFT-Chicago is thrilled to be able to support the business as they are growing!  

Thanks to our amazing staff, sponsors and Our Events and Party Rentals, LIFT-Chicago’s Family Field Day was a great success! Families, coaches and staff had a day of fun filled with games, chalk drawing, bubbles, burgers and more. And our Little LIFTers received new shoes, books and hygiene kits thanks to our local partners.  

Lovia and Thomas are extremely hardworking, and they regularly attend coaching meetings to get where they want to be. We are grateful to be able to share in their success and delighted to brag about their dedication and accomplishments.  

If you are interested in renting any party needs, please contact Lovia by text or phone call at 773-629-9965.