UpLIFTing with the power of Self-Care: LIFT-Chicago Donor Stephanie Morimoto

I’m Stephanie Morimoto owner and CEO of Asutra. At  Asutra our mission is to make self-care a possibility for everyone. We’re all about highly effective formulations that use the healing power of topical magnesium to help you feel better, to help you relieve pain, get a better night sleep, and boost your mood without having to pop another pill or smell like a traditional medicine cabinet. Our formalizations work to help you feel better because we’re our customers. We’re a small business, women owned, and women LED. across a variety of health and wellness journeys and so we know what you need to feel better.  

I chose to support LIFT because LIFT’s mission and values are so aligned with ours at Asutra. The importance of self-love and self-care to support our overall wellbeing.  

Our definition of self-love at a Asutra is self-care. We believe that when you make the time to take care of yourself well you can truly be your best. And when you’re feeling your best, you can be the best family member, colleague, community member. You’re in a better position to treat other people with kindness, with generosity. You’re in a better position to treat YOURSELF with kindness and generosity and that in the end is what we’re all looking for. If we can treat ourselves and each other with that kindness and generosity, taking care of ourselves, we can truly make the world a better place. 

I love LIFT’s mission and approach. They help families heal from the trauma of poverty and by helping them create goals and plans to improve their finances, they help families build hope, they help families build trust in the people that have helped them along the way. This is so in line with what we do as a business at Asutra. While our primary mission is to make self-care a possibility for everyone, our other mission was to create good jobs for people who needed them the most in Chicago and really help our employees with their overall self-care and wellbeing.  

Really excited about a couple of employees at our Asutura warehouse where, we pay good wages, we provide full medical, dental, and life insurance benefits. And new this year, we’re offering a 401k with a company match. Two of our warehouse employees in Asutra, because of the stability of their situation at Asutra, were able to save up enough money to pay off their debts and save up for a down payment on their first ever homes. As those two told me, their kids have a totally different picture of what’s possible because of Asutra. 

I have three tips for incorporating self-love or self-care into your daily life. The first thing is your mindset. You really have to believe that you’re worthy, your worthy of self-care, your worthy of self-love, your worthy of creating the time and space to do what you need to do to feel your best. The second tip is- do one thing. Sometimes we think ‘alright we’ve got to re-vamp everything in our lives, we have to get a new workout, we have to drink a bunch of water, we have to sleep more’ – I say pick one thing, even if it’s small. What’s the one thing that you feel like will have the biggest impact on your well-being right now. Maybe it’s going to sleep 15 minutes earlier, maybe it’s drinking an extra glass of water, maybe it’s getting a walk-in on your lunch hour. Pick that one thing and really stick with it until it becomes a habit and then you can always add the next thing. And then my third tip is try to be as present in the moment as you can. There’s so much to be grateful for in this world even when days are tough.  Figure out what is that one thing that I’m grateful for and how do I really live in that moment. Be who you are the best way you can be and be where you are the best way you can be.