The Journey of Blanca from LIFT-NY: Mother, Entrepreneur, and Community Leader

Meet LIFT alumna Blanca, a mother and creative entrepreneur who joined LIFT in 2018 when her son was just 2-years-old. 

While at LIFT, she served as Parent Ambassador, where she coordinated bilingual workshops, hosted arts and crafts workshops, and generously supported fellow members in the program by providing guidance and community resources. Her LIFT coach once said, “When you meet Blanca, you better wear sunscreen because she is a ray of sunshine.” 

Since graduating from LIFT’s program in 2021, Blanca has continued to pursue her passion for business and the arts. She founded a small workshop teaching clients embroidery with industrial and manual machines on the weekends. She hopes to one day grow her small business. 

Blanca works at Neighborhood Charter Schools as a parent ambassador, and has recently taken on a childcare position. Blanca said of her work, “As a mother, I feel very proud of my achievements and the support of many people.” 

Blanca fondly recalls her time at LIFT. “For me, it was a marvelous experience, and as a member, it opened the doors to the future,” Blanca said. “I had opportunities to learn from highly qualified individuals who donated their time to LIFT. LIFT was my home, is my home, and will continue to be my home.”