The Crimson Lion / Lavine Family Foundation Commits $4 Million to Support LIFT 

LIFT is pleased to announce that the Crimson Lion / Lavine Family Foundation has made a $4 million, 4-year commitment to support the organization’s mission to bring economic equity to marginalized communities at scale by redesigning social service systems to treat parents with dignity and trust. This commitment follows a previous $4 million gift, demonstrating Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine’s long-term support of LIFT.

Studies have shown that families of color – specifically Black, Indigenous, and Latinx – experience higher rates of poverty, less upward mobility, and more downward mobility than their white counterparts resulting in a widening racial wealth gap. As a countermeasure to this disturbing trend, the Crimson Lion / Lavine Family Foundation’s investment will support enhancements to LIFT’s holistic economic coaching model that builds families’ well-being, financial strength, and social connection; and will further LIFT’s efforts to reimagine social services by folding in economic coaching for parents in the spaces and institutions where families are already showing up. A portion of the Lavines’ generous contribution will also be used to ensure the financial sustainability of the organization by providing seed funding for LIFT’s operating reserve.

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine are among LIFT’s longest and most steadfast supporters. Their previous contributions enabled LIFT to launch the Lavine Family Innovation Fund, which helped LIFT refine its coaching model in preparation for scale by building out LIFT’s two-generational approach, seeding pilots in post-secondary and medical sectors, and giving funds directly to LIFT members.

As LIFT CEO, Michelle Rhone-Collins notes, “Jeannie and Jonathan’s commitment to supporting leaders with proximity to the work is especially meaningful to us. We know from our work with parents that the best solutions come from those who are closest to the challenges. I am honored to have the Lavines’ trust and belief in our leadership and the organization as a whole. Their partnership is breaking down barriers and building bridges to economic mobility for all families.”

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine’s philanthropy is defined by a deep passion for ensuring economic and educational equity for all. As Jeannie notes, “Empowering parents is the key to unlocking the door of economic mobility for families. When we invest in equipping parents with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities, we not only strengthen their ability to provide for their children, but we also create a ripple effect of positive change in our communities.” These beliefs inspired their multiyear, multimillion-dollar gift to LIFT, a game-changing investment that will help LIFT achieve even higher levels of impact and scale. LIFT is deeply appreciative of the Lavines for their partnership and support shifting the landscape of possibility for the millions of families living in poverty across the country.