Setting The Table: LIFT’s Growth Campaign Launches

The cycle of poverty is rooted in a long and painful history of injustices –from slavery to Jim Crow to redlining – built into systems and policies that have effectively marginalized and stripped access to wealth building. Because of these systems the wealth divide between white families and Black and Brown families is projected to double by 2045 to over $1 million. As detailed in our latest annual report No Mud, No Lotus, LIFT’s model seeks to reverse this trend by reducing the barriers to success for families and building families well-being, financial strength, and social connections to lift two generations at once. In pursuit of LIFT’s goal to increase our impact and reach 10x by 2025 I’m thrilled to announce the launch of The Table, the centerpiece of our growth campaign. 

The Table is a giving community for individuals, families, and family foundations, founded on the principle that social capital is just as imperative as financial capital. As I noted in a recently published Forbes Article, LIFT has proven that the positive effect of the connection between our parents and our community of donors is about more than just higher earning potential – it’s about how our social relationships change the way we feel about ourselves and create access to opportunity through a network of supportive connections.  

Centered around these key values of connection, equity, and teaching empathy, The Table is building an inclusive space with families at the center to scale our parent-led services and restore equity to our communities. Members of The Table – and their families – enjoy access to curated experiences only available at LIFT. 

Giving $10,000 or more to LIFT annually gets you an exclusive membership to The Table and you’ll be sitting side-by-side with the bold parents leading the charge to create a better future. Your investment empowers them to break the cycle of poverty through LIFT’s program and ensures that a more equitable future for LIFT families is possible.  

We would be honored if you might consider joining this exciting new program.  Please visit for more information or contact our Chief Advancement Officer Gabe Scheck at [email protected].

With love and gratitude, 

Michelle Rhone-Collins