New York Times Features LIFT-Los Angeles Mothers


It has always been important to put LIFT members’ voices front and center in making their personal political. Over the past year, we’ve seen just how difficult life can be when we’re isolated from each other and strapped for resources ­– be it cash, jobs, or food. While the road ahead is looking brighter, we mustn’t forget how challenging this period was for those of us most in need of support: our LIFT families.

The New York Times published a powerful story this week detailing the journeys of low-income mothers living in Los Angeles and the unique and harrowing challenges they faced during the pandemic. We’re proud to say that three of our LIFT-Los Angeles mothers – Marina, Guadalupe, and Ana – are featured in this piece, sharing their vulnerability and unbelievable strength with the world through their own words.

It is our honor as an organization to call these women, and all our LIFT members, family. We hope you’ll take the time to read their stories and take action in your own lives – be it through your support of LIFT or other direct investments in families – to empower parents to create the safe and prosperous lives that all families deserve.

With deep gratitude,
Michelle Rhone-Collins