LIFTopolis 2024 Sheds Light on Poverty Realities and 25 Years of Impact

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Yasmine Hamdi 
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Los Angeles, CA (April 9, 2024) – Today, LIFT, the national nonprofit dedicated to breaking generational cycles of poverty, will proudly celebrate its flagship event, LIFTopolis, alongside a commemoration of its 25th anniversary.  LIFTopolis is an interactive event that emphasizes experiential learning, empathy building, and consciousness-raising components to vividly portray the realities of poverty in America, a distinctive approach that adds value to the anti-poverty space by challenging conventional thinking and catalyzing transformative action.

LIFTopolis attendees– amongst them policymakers, philanthropists, community leaders, and activists– will be included in a real-life immersive experience that mirrors  the realities of the social service system , taking on roles as either impoverished parents or affluent ones. Each participant is provided with a detailed background story and allocated resources before being set loose to navigate the system. They will encounter challenges such as obtaining housing, childcare, or accessing public benefits, witnessing firsthand how structural shortcomings ensnare low-income parents in poverty cycles while enabling privileged parents to flourish. The immersive experience will allow attendees to walk in the shoes of individuals facing daunting obstacles, and grant them profound understanding of the challenges faced by families living at or below the poverty line, while shedding light on the systemic failures and inspired collaborative solutions.

Today, an estimated 7.4 million families struggle to make ends meet, living below the poverty line and grappling with systemic barriers to economic mobility. LIFT works to dismantle the status quo, offering a multifaceted approach to empower families and break the cycle of poverty. For 25 years, LIFT has been at the forefront of providing personalized coaching and direct cash payments to families in need, addressing both the immediate and long-term barriers to economic stability. By addressing the trauma of poverty, providing financial assistance, and fostering supportive community connections, LIFT equips families with the tools and resources needed to overcome adversity and build a brighter future.

We designed LIFTopolis as an empathy-building exercise for people who have the power to change our broken systems. LIFTopolis not only viscerally paints the problem, but leaves us with solutions and hope that we can fix what’s broken for millions of parents around the countrysaid LIFT’s CEO Michelle Rhone-Collins.

LIFTopolis is held in partnership with: The McCance Foundation, Brian and Ali Kreiter, The Hirsch Family Foundation, Bank of America, Share Our Strength , Gina and Brooke Coburn, Will Darman and Lizzie Holt, and Dele Oledapo.

“We are proud to support LIFT in this moment of celebration of 25 years of incredible impact. For over 10 years, the Foundation has supported LIFT because we believe deeply in the power of investing in families to redefine the future. As the organization continues to grow, we cannot wait to see how LIFT changes the landscape of social services for families in the years to come” stated the McCance Foundation, one of LIFTopolis’ key sponsors.

“It has been a joy to watch LIFT grow over the past 25 years. What a pleasure to see LIFT achieve the impact it has thus far.  Ali and I are proud to support LIFT and continue to believe in the power of Hope, Money, and Love to create meaningful change for individuals and families” enthused Brian Kreiter, another lead LIFTopolis sponsor.

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LIFT is a national nonprofit breaking the cycle of poverty by investing in parents, because all families deserve a better future – no matter their race, ethnicity, or  zip code. Centered in hope, money, and love, LIFT’s approach provides immediate relief for families in poverty, while creating the conditions for their long-term success. Their cash-meets-coaching model gives families direct cash infusions to create an immediate safety net and their expert coaching program empowers parents to set and achieve goals that put families on the path towards economic mobility – such as going back to school, improving credit, eliminating debt, or securing a living wage. LIFT advocates for policies that humanize the experience of poverty and break the systems that trap generations in its cycles. And, they partner with community institutions to ensure LIFT is able to meet parents where they are in their daily lives. LIFT operates sites in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. Learn more at, and on social media at Instagram and X/Twitter @liftcommunities.