LIFT & World Central Kitchen Announce New Partnership

Since 2010, World Central Kitchen (WCK) has been a nonprofit first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. Founded by the incomparable José Andrés, WCK has been working nonstop this Spring to support Ukrainians in crisis. In addition to their global initiatives, WCK developed WCK Direct during the pandemic to address domestic increases in food and nutrition insecurity.

Thanks to a new partnership between LIFT and WCK Direct, LIFT families are receiving free meals across all four of our cities. This program is a text-to-order system that aims to remove any barriers of access and provides food flexibly and when convenient for people’s individual schedules. All parents have to do is text “FOOD” to the ordering number, and they can then go to the nearby restaurant and pick-up meals for each member of their family. We thank WCK for the thousands of meals they’ve made possible for our families to date and for the critical work they do for families in need across the globe.