Community Voices: A Conversation with LIFT-NY Parents

LIFT-NY WAS proud to host a webinar with LIFT parents, part of our Elevating Parent Voices panel series. Parents provided real life stories on how they are navigating through the complexities of the pandemic. Their stories, from overcoming domestic violence, purchasing land in Guatemala to completing digital literacy training and gaining employment, provide us with inspiration and hope.

The LIFT and Learn series represents our commitment to continuing to learn, and to heal, and to provide justice. We seek to engage the community and to elevate the voices of our parents directly so that they can share in their own words the important issues they are facing during the pandemic and beyond. Through these conversations we hope to center our storytelling in the strength and self-efficacy of our members and to disrupt the harmful narratives that frame families as weak and non-profits as saviors.   

A special thank you to LIFT-NY parents, Blanca, Shaniqua, and Shaquana for raising their voices on the issues most important to their families and their community. We also thank Debralee Santos, Editor and Chief and Publisher, of the Bronx Free Press and Manhattan times for brilliantly moderating the conversation.

Poverty is solvable, and we appreciate getting to share the solutions found in every LIFT parent.

Watch the recording of the LIFT and Learn: