Building Futures Together: A LIFT-NY and Bridge Project Partnership

The Bridge Project is New York City’s first unconditional cash transfer program for mothers and babies, supporting new, low-income mothers with up to $1,000 per month for the first one thousand days of their babies’ lives. Since May 2023, Bridge Project has referred mothers to LIFT-NY for financial coaching and additional cash infusions. Currently, LIFT-NY serves 20 Bridge Moms. Here is what Bridge Project says about our partnership: 

“We are grateful to LIFT-NY for their work empowering NYC families, particularly Bridge Project parents and babies. Our partnership with LIFT has allowed moms in our program to plan and work towards their goals with the support of a caring and uplifting coach behind them. It’s been a real joy to hear our program participants discuss how their goals and aspirations feel within arm’s reach because of the support and coaching they have received from their time with LIFT-NY. Whether it’s creating their own budgets, designing their own business plans, or even preparing to go back to school, our Bridge Project moms are being equipped with the tools necessary to work towards achieving their dreams. The partnership between LIFT-NY and The Bridge Project is truly special and we look forward to continuing to nurture this partnership.” 

LIFT-NY is honored to partner with the Bridge Project and play a part in empowering mothers to achieve their dreams. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on the lives of families across New York City.