Tides Of Change: Our Annual Report Is Here!

In our 23 years as an organization, nothing has challenged LIFT the way that 2020 did. Faced with a global pandemic, historic economic downturn, and a dangerous surge of racial injustice, our LIFT families experienced a year of tremendous hardship.

Yet despite the challenges, they remained resilient. They remained committed. They remained determined to achieve their goals of a better future for themselves, and for their children.

This year’s report, Tides of Change, explores how LIFT and the families we partner with became water. We’re proud to share that in FY20 (June 2019-July 2020):

  • Families in our program who increased their income saw an average annual increase of $15,096, and reported a $2,328 increase in savings and a $3,084 decrease in debt
  • We distributed $1.2M in direct cash relief to families in response to COVID-19
  • We doubled down on our commitment to race equity, incorporating measurable race, equity, and inclusion goals across all areas of our business – holding accountability with love
  • By equipping community colleges, pediatric clinics, social service organizations, and early childhood centers with integrated financial coaching in their existing services, LIFT is on track to increase our reach 10x by 2025

Thank you for your continued support of our mission to break the cycle of poverty and to create a future where all families – no matter race, ethnicity, or zip code – can prosper.

With deep gratitude,
Michelle Rhone-Collins

Gina Coburn
National Board Chair, LIFT