LIFT CEO Michelle Rhone-Collins featured in Forbes

Hello LIFT community,

Earlier this month, the New York Times featured an article entitled “Friending Bias,” that detailed new research from economist Raj Chetty from the academic journal Nature showing that friendships between lower-income children with their more privileged peers increased the likelihood of their upward economic mobility and that “growing up in a community connected across class lines improves kids’ outcome and gives them a better shot at rising out of poverty.”

While reading this article, I was struck by how this research provided statistical confirmation of what we at LIFT have known for years, that as human beings we rely on each other to get ahead, and that social capital (i.e. being in loving relationship) is just as imperative as financial capital.

I happy to share that myself and LA Board Member Cash Warren sat down with journalist Afdhel Aziz of Forbes to talk about tracking the growth in our members’ social capital and how social relationships can offer us hope by changing the way we feel about ourselves and create love through a network of supportive connections.

You can read the article in full here and I hope you will share it out with your networks and highlight the amazing work LIFT is doing to break the generational cycle of poverty.