Centri Tech Foundation Funds LIFT-NY Digital Equity Initiatives

Centri Tech Foundation (CTF) is funding LIFT-NY to foster programmatic innovations that promote a more equitable digital economy.

As part of its inaugural 2022 Digital Integrators Pilot Program, CTF aims to demonstrate how community-based digital equity organizations can continuously improve and modernize workforce development programs to address digital inequities, particularly within public housing and low-income communities, communities of color, and intergenerational households.

LIFT-NY will participate in a six-month cohort experience and peer exchange facilitated by CTF. Results of a qualitative assessment will be published in a report at the end of the pilot period this Fall. The report will highlight replicable and scalable program models to achieve greater digital advancement in cities across the country.

“Funding from Centri Tech Foundation is a pivotal step towards supporting LIFT-NY parents in reaching economic mobility. This investment will help strengthen our coaching model by ensuring digital access, literacy and opportunities are deeply embedded into our service delivery.”

– Xiomara Romain, Executive Director, LIFT-NY

Read the full press release to learn more about this important initiative.