An Update From LIFT: A Moment of Mwe

Dear LIFTers,

Across America, parents of all incomes will juggle childcare challenges, changes to their work, and general uncertainty. But, public health crises are not equitable. Parents living in poverty will face greater struggles to secure childcare, maintain employment, stay on track with bill payments, buy groceries, or pay for healthcare during this emergency. These immediate challenges can lead to further instability, such as loss of housing – which will continue far after the pandemic passes. And as they navigate their families toward a better future, we know our parents are counting on us – now, more than ever. We are ready to respond.

Firstly, with the safety of our families, team, and communities as top priority, due to COVID-19, we will close our offices from Monday, March 16 until further notice. However, LIFT’s coaching service for families will continue uninterrupted, thanks to our increased virtual coaching capabilities. Over the past year, we piloted a virtual version of our coaching program to accommodate parents whose schedules didn’t allow them to meet in person at a LIFT site. This version of our program will rollout nation-wide starting next week.

Secondly, we are raising funds to give directly to our members. For over two years, LIFT’s Family Goal Fund has put money directly into parents’ hands to invest in their goals and rebound in times of crisis. One of our longtime supporters, Dr. Sheila Walker, introduced me to the concept of Mwe (me + we) — that my well-being (or my pain) is connected to yours. In this time of social distancing, send support and stay connected: your gift will help parents stay on track. Visit our donation page and designate your gift toward the Family Goal Fund from the drop down menu.

Parents in our program often describe LIFT as being a part of a family. These relationships have led to full-time careers, college degrees, and safe homes – all made possible by the power of LIFTing each other up. During these tough times, we want our families to know that they can lean on LIFT. Our families need us, and LIFT needs you.

With deep gratitude,
Michelle Rhone-Collins